I have recently written a blog post about the Worm Exchange, I advise you to read it to understand what it’s all about, plus after reading it you’ll want to become a donor!

Are you experienced in worm composting? Do you have a few worms to give? Would you like to help someone get started with worm composting?


The Worm Exchange

A place to connect people who are looking for worms with people who are giving worms.

The rules

1) The donor can’t ask for money in exchange for the worms, but…
2) …it’s always nice of the beneficiary to give something in exchange (home-made jam, seeds, a cake, anything!)

How it works

1) Navigate the map and select a local donor
2) Contact the donor by email through the indicated email address
3) Get a reply from the donor

If you have any problem or question please contact me.